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Training and Inspection

Training your personnel is highly important to guarantee the systems effectiveness . . . 

We can train your personnel as individuals or as a group.  As well as a general working knowledge of the system, safety issues are as important for your employees. 

Keep informed of code changes

Training of employees to keep them knowledgeable and familiar with the system

Insuring that your system will operate when you need it at times of peak demand

Keeping abreast of new technologies 

Assuring mixture of propane/air 

Outline essential energy management strategies

Assist the Business and Industry Community with Regulatory and Compliance Issues Set Forth by NFPA, FM, IRI and Government Agencies

Safety Training Courses for Employees, Managers, and Supervisors

Assist in the Development of In-house Safety Training Programs

Provide a "Safe Liaison" for Information and Rule Interpretation





















Safety and environmental issues are coming to the top of political and social agendas with companies, requiring them to continuously review and seek improvement on existing practices and procedures.  The objectives are to safeguard personnel, corporate assets, and the environment.

Legislation is evolving and growing at national and  international levels allied to growing public awareness communicated through pressure groups and the media leading to requirements for businesses and industries to demonstrate a responsible approach to managing their activities.

CHESMONT is a professional organization providing safety and environmental services with professional engineers capable of working with the organization to identify cost-effective solutions consistent with business needs.  

CHESMONT'S staff is active in a variety of industries ranging from food processing plants and metal treating to manufacturing, from small local companies to large multi-national organizations.  Our staff deals in answers, not problems, resolving company issues through experience, innovation and good engineering practices and procedures.  

CHESMONT offers inspection and testing of existing systems to ensure that standards are maintained, particularly in organizations adhering to NFPA, FM, and IRI standards.  All gaps or deficiencies can be highlighted and remedial actions defined in a project plan to eliminate shortfalls.  All inspection and testing is conducted to determine compliance with applicable standards and act as a "health check" for Safety Managers.  One of the major strengths of CHESMONT is substantial practical knowledge and experience of what is feasible in the workplace and realistically achievable.

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CHESMONT Engineering specializes in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of industrial process heating systems.  Ovens, furnaces, propane standby systems, multi fuel burner conversions, fume incinerators, fuel storage, process equipment, metal treating furnaces, control systems and panels, heat recovery equipment, landfill gas control, service, training, and preventative maintenance.